Vendor Assessments( OEM Panel)

Why is Supplier Analysis Mandatory for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)?

Supplier analysis is important because it assesses the qualifications of the seller and the quality standards followed in the manufacturing process.

Exceptions are granted in the following circumstances:
  • icon Annual turnover for last year was more than INR 500 Crores
  • icon Have a BIS license
  • icon ZED. QCI -certifiedorganizational processes
  • icon There is no NSIC for the products they want to upload to the GeM portal

Note: If the product is made outside India but is sold in India by a legal entity of Indian Origin, the product must choose a well-known OEM over the OEM. All of the above exceptions also apply to him.

  • icon After registering with the GeM Portal, the OEM must conduct a supplier evaluation on the GeM Portal itself. Fill in the details of the main organization. Products that must be completed vendor analysis – Please note that vendor organizations can currently add as many products as they wish to test in one analysis
  • icon Online payment must be made to QCI to begin the supplier analysis process. Once the payment is processed, QCI will send the user ID and password for the launch of the supplier evaluation by mail.

There are currently 2 steps in the supplier analysis process A) Desktop analysis – A set of documents and detailed explanations will be complemented by three main levels of grouping:

  • iconInformation block
  • icon Product information
  • icon Company information

Once the relevant supporting documents have been uploaded and the details filled in, one has to click the send button QCI will assign SPOC to the account and review the documents on a desktop scan. If any additional requirements are needed, they will check the seller and the data will be loaded accordingly. Once the desktop scan is deleted, a QCI letter will be sent for video analysis

(B) Video Analysis – This is done through the Android Mobile app where the entire vendor manufacturing process will be reviewed by the QCI team based on the details given in the analysis on the desktop. Once the video evaluation is completed, the final supplier evaluation report will be uploaded to the GeM QCI portal. According to the report, the OEM dashboard will enable GeM where only OEMs can upload their products to the portal.

Geem OEM / OEM branding and branding with the following options under the OEM panel:

  • icon Increasing demand for OEM manufacturing and branding
  • icon Increasing demand for brand creation
  • icon Increase OEM Construction Demand Please note that all OEMs are allowed to access the OEM Panel only after completing the Supplier Analysis process. Please note that the relevant documents required for branding must be uploaded by the seller. Please note that OEMs may request OEMs / brands only for catalogs available in the system. If a catalog is not available, the initial process of creating a new catalog must be completed and after catalog creation, OEM / branding requests can be requested.

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